Native Etna winegrowers
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Vini dell'Etna I Vigneri

On Mt. Etna we can define three large elective areas for the grape-growing and winemaking. The first is that between 400 and 900 m above sea level along the Eastern slopes, the second is located between 500 and 800 meters above sea level along the Northern slopes, and the third between 600 and 1000 m above sea level on the Southern side of the volcano.

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Vinupetra: In Sicilian dialect, Vinupetra means “wine produced in a land full of stones”. The cultivation of the vineyard is done by hand. using natural products. Biotechnologies are not used in winemaking. Racking and bottling are carried out according to the phases of the moon.

Vino Bianco superior dell’Etna (Superior Etna White Wine)


AURORA, which also means dawn in Italian, here on Mt. Etna is the name of a small and graceful, native butterfly (painted on the label), currently at risk of extinction.

Rosé wine from North-West ETNA


VINUDILICE is a rosé that arises directly from the vineyard itself. This wine a blend of the white and red grapes that grow there, harvested and vinified together. Vineyard cultivation is done by hand and with a Mule, using natural products.


In Catania in 1435 the “Maestranza dei Vigneri“ [The Grape-Growers Guild] was founded. This important association of grape-growers and winemakers, operating on Etna, created the cornerstone for winemaking professionalism whose protagonists were the winemakers and grape-growers themselves. More than 500 years later, I Vigneri is now a group of professionals working on Mt. Etna and in eastern Sicily.

Winemaking Traditions
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The town of Milo, Mt. Etna

On Mt. Etna, each vineyard was equipped with a building that includes the home for the owner’s family, and invariably the Palmento for the transformation of the grapes produced in the vineyard.


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