W i n e r y

T h e W i n e r y

Our winery is an old Palmento. On Mt. Etna, the Palmento had been used for winemaking for hundreds of years, until up to 30 years ago. “The Palmento is for Etna wines what the amphora for Georgian wines”. A true wine from Mt. Etna must first and foremost be produced in the Palmento. The Palmento does not need electricity or other external energy to work, only the natural force of gravity, human strength and our ingenuity. In the cellar to produce our wines we absolutely DO NOT use plastic containers or plastic resins or plastic fibres. Some of our containers are in Etna lava stone, others in wood and others in steel, the best type beinng neutral: INOX 316.

T h e C e l l a r a n d B a r r e l r o o m

In the construction of new rooms of the cellar, we only used Etna lava stone and terracotta bricks worked and handmade by local workers. In our barrel room, there is the bare lava stone handmade by ourselves. The barrels are made of: oak, acacia and chestnut. The iron furnishings are forged by hand. We personally know all the artisans who collaborated to create our cellar.

“Today making a good wine is not difficult. It is difficult to produce an excellent wine while respecting the environment and people .”

– Salvo Foti