I VIGNERI: Traditional Red Wine of Mt. Etna

I Vigneri Etna Rosso is a pure, ancient and genuine wine.  Winemaking is carried out in the Palmento, as has always been done on Mt. Etna, without refrigeration equipment and no aging in wood. Vineyard cultivation is done by hand using natural products. During winemaking, refrigeration and biotechnologies are not used. Transfer and bottling are carried out according to the phases of the moon. Varieties:  Nerello Mascalese  90%, Nerello Cappuccio 10%,  

Vine training:  Alberello Etneo

Average age of the vines:  20 years

Average vine density per hectare:  7,500

Average yield per hectare in litres:  5,500

Harvest:  First or second half of October with manual selection of grapes in the vineyard.

Pressing: No destemming, first crush carried out with feet. Maceration with the skins and stalks for 8 days. No added yeasts. Spontaneous fermentation.

Duration of alcoholic fermentation:  8-10 days

Temperature control during fermentation:  No

Type of container for aging:  Terracotta (amphorae) located underground

Refining:  6 months

Filtration:  bottling

Clarification:  natural settling

Racking:  NO

Sulphur: in small doses before fermentation and bottling

Total sulphur dioxide in bottled wine:  less than 60 (mg/l)

Average number of bottles produced per year:  10,000

First Year Produced:  2005


I Vigneri Etna Rosso is produced from all of the various aliquots of grapes that each year the owners of Etna vineyards cultivated by I Vigneri, give to the workers. These grapes are then used to make wine in Palmento Caselle, for their personal use.  This form of payment was standard on Mt. Etna in the past. Consequently, this wine represents the return of the ancient traditional winemaking of Etna using these grapes earned by the workers and then making wine the Palmento – which today has nearly disappeared.

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