I Vigneri
I Vigneri
I Vigneri
I Vigneri's well-tended and well-cared for vines, represent the Etna territory and everything in it.
The people working in I Vigneri's vineyards take care that the wines become the truest and most genuine expression of Etna's territory and culture.
The harvest almost always takes place after mid-October, the vines for the most part having often already lost their leaves. The fruit slowly lose their natural acidity and over a long time gradually become enriched with sugars, achieving an optimal maturational balance.
The harvest time, October and November, is always a chilly, if not cold, period. If, on the one hand, the rains, which can be frequent and abundant, give cause for concern, on the other hand it is possible to make the wine without temperature controls, special yeasts and in wooden barrels and vats, with the addition of just a few grams of sulphur.
Ageing, decanting at the right moment (in accordance with the phases of the moon) and knowing how to wait until the wine matures naturally, before bottling it, make the product a true expression of this particular and unique territory.
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I Vigneri
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