i Vigneri
i Vigneri
i Vigneri
It was the same every year. In the first days of October there was something in the air which affected everything you did and said, every gesture, with a certain anxiousness, trepidation.

It was anticipation of the grape harvest which filled us with joy, but also anxiety. Everyone knew that it didn't take much to destroy a year's work. It would be a whole year lost. We watched, our noses turned upwards straining to catch that distinction smell, as the grey clouds, laden with rain, passed overhead. We seemed indifferent, but our eyes gave us away: seeing the clouds drawn by the Mountain (Etna) our greatest concern was that they would stop. Our hope was that the wind would chase them away.

The rain, so welcome at other times of the year, was now feared. We pretended not to care... (The Mountain says that it's not raining... don't worry) a Muntagna dici ca nu gniovi na paura, my grandfather used to say.

In the evenings we gathered round the conca (a round copper container for burning wood to heat the rooms and around which people sit) with my grandfather and listened to his stories, which both frightened and fascinated us children. My grandfather knew lots of stories. On one of those evenings around the hearth, while waiting for the harvest, my grandfather, with the air of someone confiding a secret, a great truth, declared: My dears, always remember this... wine is made with grapes, only with grapes! We were taken aback. It was obvious, wasn't it? Of course wine is made from grapes! Many harvests have passed since then, but this simple truth often comes to mind.

In this biotechnological age when anything seems possible, in this age of super yeasts and super enzymes, which can extract everything to be found (and not found) in a grape, and turn, so they say, a mediocre grape into a "high quality" wine, I remember my great grandfather saying:... always remember, wine is made with grapes!
I Vigneri
I Vigneri
I Vigneri
Natural fermentation with local yeasts and without tempertaure control
Making wine in wooden vats
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I Vigneri
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