In Sicilian dialect, Vinupetra means “wine produced in a land full of stones”. The cultivation of the vineyard is done by hand. using natural products. Biotechnologies are not used in winemaking. Contrada:  Porcaria in the municipality of Castiglione di Sicilia – Northern Etna at 580 m a.s.l. Plot:  VignaCalderara Varieties:  Nerello Mascalese 80%, Nerello Cappuccio 10%, Granache, Francisi 10%  

Number of vines (approx..):  3,800

Area of plot in hectares (approx.):  0.38

Vine density per hectare:  10,000

Vineyard year:  Over one hundred years old with a part replanted in 2005

Vineyard training:  Alberello Etneo with chestnut posts

Kg of selected grapes produced on average per hectare:  9,000

Litres of wine produced on average per hectare:  6,000

Number of 0.75L bottles total produced on average:  3,100

Harvest:  second half of October

Winemaking:  Crushing of the grapes of which 30% with the stalks. Maceration on the skins for no less than 15 days in 2500L wooden casks

Yeast:  autochtonous yeast in pied de cuve

Duration of alcoholic fermentation:  10 days

Duration of refinement: in casks/barrels, 225L and 500L for 12 months

Filtration:  only during bottling

Clarification:  natural settling

Racking:  6 times

Addition of sulphur dioxide: in small doses before fermentation and bottling

Average alcohol content:  13.5%

Average total acidity:  6.5 g/l

Average pH:  3.35

Total sulphur in the newly bottled wine on average:  60 mg/l

Bottling: in May of the second year following the harvest

First Production Year: 2001


The Vineyard is as the crow flies:

15 Km from the Central Crater of Mt. Etna and Km 20 from the Ionian Sea.
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Average yearly rainfall: 800 mm

Soil: volcanic, characterized by a lava patch covering a large area. There are “outcrops” of Lava and pyroclasticis with degraded surface morphology” (Mongibello Antico-Mongibello Recente) (Geological Map of Mt. Etna, CNR 1979), where paedogenetic processes, favoured by low and flat morphology, have generated an average deep soil rich in small and medium-sized volcanic stones that cover most of the land.